NWO & ARIAS Smart Culture Working Conference
Friday, November 16, 2018
Het Huis Utrecht, Utrecht
Organizers:NWO in cooperation with ARIAS
Content:SORRY - REGISTRATION FOR THIS CONFERENCE IS NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE. On 16 November, NWO and ARIAS are jointly organising the Smart Culture Working Conference in Utrecht to explore the concept of Arts, Research & Science. This conference is not a standard meeting. Instead it has an investigative and activating character: there is an 'exposium' about research in the arts and four workshops that will explore the relationship between art under four themes: Art and reflection on art', 'Bio Art and Design', 'Inclusiveness & Queer community' and 'Art and Technology'. SORRY - REGISTRATION FOR THIS CONFERENCE IS NOT POSSIBLE ANYMORE.
Audience:Professionals who work on the crossroads of science, arts and culture
Registration Fee:Free of costs
Website: Click here for more information.
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